How do you insure a cyborg?

Depends on what you’re using your cyborg parts for.

First, let’s get the definition of a cyborg out of the way: cyborgs have mechanical elements built into the body, and those elements give them powers beyond what’s “normal” for humans.

So, no holding a toaster forever. No duct-taping an electric fly-swatter to your hand. Unless that tablet is permanently embedded into your body, you are not a cyborg.

The question now is, “How would you insure a cyborg?”

It wouldn’t be just health insurance because you wouldn’t just be human. But it wouldn’t be just some sort of cyber coverage because you wouldn’t be just technology.

So, let’s think through a few questions:

What do you use your technology for?

Is it just to look cool? Is it just for household tasks? Do you use it for your job? Or do you save the world on a daily basis? Different scenarios present different risks, so you’ll need different insurance to cover them.

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What ability does it give you?

Does it give you super strength or just super senses? What about super speed? Hacking abilities and gathering information?

Where is the cyborg technology located?

Are you just sporting a bionic arm? Or do you have a literal iron lung? If what made you a cyborg simply takes up a limb, then you might be able to cover it under your health insurance as a prosthesis. But if it’s anything more than a pacemaker, you’ll probably need some extra coverage.

What kind of coverage?

Overall, you’ll probably need personal liability, coverage for the structure of your house, personal property coverage, and coverage in case someone hacks into your mainframe (whether it’s to get information, torture you in your own body, or to smack you with your own hands. The evil genius.) These coverages can handle the basics of not knowing your own bionic strength and if someone hacks your mainframe.

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