6 tips to prevent home burglary

Stay vigilant and remember to protect your home.

Burglary is the worst nightmare of many homeowners. Peace of mind is a very precious thing, so it’s important to protect your house from highly inconsiderate burglars who might try to steal your stuff. To prevent a home burglary, check out the following tips.

6 tips to prevent home burglary

1. Consider a home security system.

Getting a home security system from a reputable company can help you deter burglars and protect your house. And, as an added bonus, you might be able to get a home insurance discount if you have a security system. (This is one of the common home insurance discounts that’s out there.)

2. Have deadbolts on all outside doors.

Deadbolts can help you keep your doors nice and secure.

3. Keep your windows locked.

Yes, windows can also be a possible point of entry to your house. Make sure you keep your windows locked.

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4. Give your trees and bushes and shrubs a haircut.

Here’s the logic for this one – by keeping your shrubs and bushes and whatnot nice and neatly trimmed, you can eliminate potential hiding spots for a burglar. Also, it’s easier to see someone skulking around if there aren’t leaves and branches in the way.

5. Have lots of light.

Having exterior lights can help deter burglars, too. Typically they don’t want people to see them sneaking around. It’s a good idea to have plenty of exterior lights around your home. You can get motion-sensor lights, too.

It’s also a good idea to consider getting timers for your lights so that they come on and go off. This can help give the impression that someone’s home.

6. Make it look like someone’s home.

If you’re going to be out of town, make sure your home still looks lived-in. Have a trusted neighbor cut the grass and pick up newspapers and such from the driveway.

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